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Fogerie Kura Happy Well

Happy Well will provides safe drinking water – a most basic  human  need – to the village of Fogerie Kura, located in the Chira Mentro neighborhood and 7 km west of the Maksegnit district (12° 22′ 49” N – 37° 33′ 18” E). The well  benefits the 40 households in the village.  Happy well was made possible through the generosity of Peter who donated the funds required to build the well an inaugurated the well with the village elders in Ethiopia.

Experience in Ethiopia has demonstrated that a small investment in this fundamental human need for clean water often serves as a trigger for further development of a village and surrounding communities: children are freed from the daily back-breaking labor of walking to distant water sources and can attend school; women can share the burden of water-collection with their husbands and are able to work; and the community’s pride in its physical surroundings leads to environmental awareness and improved quality of life.


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