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On behalf of Kulam, thank you for supporting us by allowing us to use your amazing song on our website.

Kulam, to create all together actions that make a difference

Kulam is a humanitarian initiative set up in 2010 for the purpose of helping the neediest of people through concrete actions related to the real needs of developing countries. Created by Benjamin Sternthal and his wife Julie Schneiderman, Kulam was established to carry out philanthropic initiatives related mainly to education as well as the supply of drinking water and medical aid. Kulam’s mission is to support populations most affected by poverty, people whose essential needs cannot be met without humanitarian aid.

Thanks to their business contacts, their personal network and their relationships in the field, Benjamin Sternthal and his wife have materialized, to this day, some fifteen projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda. Among these: the construction of a well and a school as well as the purchase of medical equipment, computer equipment and school supplies.

Through Kulam, Benjamin Sternthal and Julie Schneiderman have given themselves the mission of implementing concrete actions that make a big difference in the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged. Everybody, every person and everyone define the word Kulam in Hebrew. Building on collective cooperation, Kulam pursues its mission of helping to build a better world.


Kulam wants to build a better world Building on collective cooperation and meaningful partnerships, Kulam pursues its mission of helping to build a better world and create positive change in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable.    

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