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Music by Johnny Clegg

On behalf of Kulam, thank you for supporting us by allowing us to use your amazing song on our website.

Goradera School

Throughout the Gondar region, thousands of children study in make-shift schools, including shade under a tree and mud huts with tin roofs.  In Goradera, a village located in the Gondar Zuria district, there was a great need for a new school.  The old school  structure made from corrugated iron sheet and open walls  was in […]

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Fogerie Kura Happy Well

Happy Well will provides safe drinking water – a most basic  human  need – to the village of Fogerie Kura, located in the Chira Mentro neighborhood and 7 km west of the Maksegnit district (12° 22′ 49” N – 37° 33′ 18” E). The well  benefits the 40 households in the village.  Happy well was […]

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Kulam Friendship Well

Drought affects over 14 million people across Ethiopia and access to safe drinking water in Ethiopia is at critically low levels. Collecting water daily is a backbreaking and time-consuming task, one that often prevents children from attending school and women from going to work. Villagers must rely on traditional water supplies that are frequently unsanitary […]

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Azezo Teklehaymot village Well

The village of Azezo Teklehaymot, located just 13 kilometers south of Gondar town (GPS coordinates: Elevation: 1999, North: 12 degrees 32’ 40”, East: 37 degrees 26’ 39”) has greatly benefited from its new well through the generosity of Carol Moynham . Serving just over 50 households, the residents and students who live and study in […]

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