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David’s Well Provides 4000 Litres of Fresh Drinking Water for Azeykew Village


Thanks to the charitable spirit of Arlene and David Sternthal and their family and friends, the rural community of Azeykew Chebchibit, Kebele Comfenta, Woreda Tikil Dengay now has safe drinking water from a new water system. The village comprises 50 households and is located 23 km from Gondar, Ethiopia, northwest from the Woreda town Tikeledingay, 13 km on the main road and then 10 minutes by foot off the main road.  David’s well water system was completed prior to winter. Originally Kulam set out to build a well, however thanks to favorable geological conditions it became possible to build a whole water reservoir system! Three 15 metre pipes were installed under the river bed. They feed into a sealed concrete collection chamber and the water then flows to a secondary chamber with dispensing taps. The water system is capable of providing 4,000 litres of fresh drinking water for the entire village. The pictures above show the village and surrounding areas along with the new water supply system.  This was an engineering coup made possible by a talented field team!

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