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Newsletter-Special Edition-Summer 2012

Newsletter-Kulam Illuminates Cambodia
Special Edition

Summer 2012

The summer months have been as busy as ever as we’ve finalized existing projects and launched new ones. Kulam is proud to announce its first project in Cambodia – a sustainable solar electricity system at a school for over 120 disadvantaged children near Siem Reap. The solar power system was installed in early August and now life at the school is so much brighter! Thanks to David’s Well, a community has clean drinking water and the students at Shumargie will start their school year with some fun learning programs from Mad Science. We’ve also added a new member to Kulam. She’s feisty and determined and a perfect addition to the Team! Keep reading to learn more….Enjoy the read,
Julie, Benjamin and the Kulam TeamSolar Power Energizes Cambodian School

Smiling Hearts Academy for Children (SHAC) is a small charity school built and run by one woman, San Somaly (Aly), who saw the need to educate children with limited opportunities. She initially set up a classroom in her back yard; from this humble beginning the school has grown to include three classrooms, an office, a play area, and enrolls over 120 children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend school. Volunteer coordinator and project sponsor Carol Moynham, along with Kulam’s Larry Markowitz and our partners Ve’Ahavata, have worked tirelessly to make this project possible.

SHAC not only offers lessons, but also provides the children with uniforms, books, stationary – all the resources they need to attend school – at no cost to the family. Operated via donations and the efforts of volunteers, SHAC is a small organization, and is constantly seeking funding for resources, as well as admin costs that include electricity to power basic equipment such as ceiling fans and a computer.

Installing a solar energy system not only encourages sustainable practices, but also means SHAC isn’t constantly at the mercy of power outages, either due to lack of funding or technical issues with their existing system. Without worrying about the electricity supply, Aly has more time to focus on what she does best – providing an education for the students at SHAC. Moreover, recognizing the importance of encouraging local business development, Cambodian company Solar Power Cambodia was engaged to install the solar power system. They did so efficiently, with quality work and great communication every step of the way.

Both Carol and Larry are young professionals who have volunteered in this amazing country and consider themselves privileged to be part of a project that helps empower people in Cambodia to reach their promising potential. Kulam is thrilled to be a partner in this wonderful initiative! Carol’s project management skills, drive and funding, along with Larry’s entrepreneurial and legal aptitude, and indeed the work of the whole Kulam and Ve’Ahavta team, were key in shepherding this project from idea to fruition. Needless to say, Aly and the children are ’energized’ by the school’s new Solar Power system.

These talented philanthropists embody the true spirit of Kulam: Everybody, Every Person, Everyone. No matter your age, there’s a role for you to make a positive difference in the world.


David’s Well project is complete!!  Thanks to the charitable spirit of Arlene and David Sternthal and their family and friends, the rural community of Azaykaw Chebchibit, Kebele Comfenta, Woreda Tikil Dengay now has safe drinking water. The Village comprises 50 households and is located 23 km from Gondar, Ethiopia. The project has gone above and beyond a simple well in providing the region with a far better sustainable and clean water system than initially planned. We will have more details on this challenging endeavor shortly from the field team. We look forward to sharing with you their stories, photos and the impact on the community that this tremendous project has had.

Mad Science Science Kits & Course Material for Shumargie School finally arrived in Addis in late June after traveling around the world numerous times and being held up in customs for weeks. Thanks to Mad Science, the world’s leading fun science provider, at the start of this coming school year each student attending our Shumargie school will be given a kit and the teachers will begin teaching the course material on aerodynamics, friction and energy!

Darna Community Campus project is currently being planned. In partnership with One World One Well and private donors, Kulam is forging ahead to develop the Darna Community campus consisting of a two-room school house, solar pannels, a well, science kits and latrines. We hope to have all funds in place shortly to begin the project. In March 2013, Kulam together with the project donors and their families will be going to Ethiopia to volunteer in building the project.

Kulam Appoints New Youth Director, Noa Ella Sternthal.  Noa (daughter to Julie & Benjamin) was born July 16th, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec. We are ecstatic to have this new bundle of energy as part of the Kulam team. It’s never too early to start making a difference at home or abroad…Noa already has a MEC backpack!

What Can YOU do for Kulam & What Can Kulam do for YOU?

In recent months we have had numerous conversations with families and businesses wanting to undertake projects and volunteer on them. The spirit of Kulam is becoming infectious! We’re ready to hear from you. If you are interested in our “Donate and Build” program please contact us. Also, consider making Kulam part of your charitable giving. Not sure what gifts to buy and for whom? Search no more – with a donation and personalized e-card from Kulam. Click on the donate now section of our website and show you care in true Kulam-style with “everybody, every person, everyone”.

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