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Newsletter-Special Edition- March 2012

Newsletter-Youth Engaging Kulam
Special Edition

March 2012

There’s nothing quite as exciting as harnessing the power of youth to create positive change in the world. So you can imagine our sheer delight when three amazing teenagers from Denver chose Kulam to further their pioneering and innovative volunteer spirit. We are thrilled to announce that Hannah Recht, Maddie Kornfeld, Izzi Kornfeld and their One Well One Worldproject are partnering with Kulam to build a school campus in Darna, Ethiopia. This month’s newsletter focuses on our new partners and their inspirational story. When we finally grow up, we hope we can be just like them!Enjoy the read,
Julie, Benjamin and the Kulam Team

One Well One World Joins Forces with Kulam

In the winter of 2011, following a trip to Ethiopia, Hannah, Maddie and Izzi founded One Well One World. These three incredible young leaders attend East High School in Denver, Colorado. Hannah and Maddie are seventeen, and Izzi is sixteen. In Ethiopia, the dynamic trio met Julie and Benjamin, who were in Ethiopia to assist with the building of the Shumargie school. On that trip, the girls helped with the building of Kulam’s school, distributed medicine in a rural village and saw a well under construction in another village.

“Not only did we get to spend time with Julie, Benjamin, and JDC staff, we got to witness the result of everyone’s combined efforts,” explained Hannah sharing memories from the Ethiopia trip. When they returned home, the girls were inspired to continue the work being done in Ethiopia. Having seen firsthand the great impact that a well makes in a village, they decided to engage their own community in funding more wells.

One Well One World Takes On Darna Project

To date, One Well One World has raised $5,000 with the help of their Bnai Havurah synagogue community. Now they are putting all their efforts into the Darna community campus project in partnership with Kulam.

“Right now we are excited to contribute to Kulam’s efforts by raising the funds for a well for the new school campus,” said Maddie. “We’re really looking forward to bringing clean drinking water to Darna and to growing our collaboration with Kulam,” continued Izzi.

These talented young philanthropists embody the true spirit of Kulam: Everybody, Every Person, Everyone. No matter your age, there’s a role for you to make a positive difference in the world. Stay tuned for news about our Darna campus project, which we will be officially launching shortly!

What Can YOU do for Kulam & What Can Kulam do for YOU?

In recent months we have had numerous conversations with families and businesses wanting to undertake projects and volunteer on them. The spirit of Kulam is becoming infectious! We’re ready to hear from you. If you are interested in our “Donate and Build” program please contact us. Also, consider making Kulam part of your charitable giving. Not sure what gifts to buy and for whom? Search no more – with a donation and personalized e-card from Kulam. Click on the donate now section of our website and show you care in true Kulam-style with “everybody, every person, everyone”.

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