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Newsletter February 2012



Benjamin, Julie and the entire Kulam team are thrilled to present the February edition of Kulam’s e-newsletter. It’s been a busy time for Kulam: Shumargie now has electricity and a laptop with the completion of our solar panel and computer projects; Mad Science, the world’s leading fun science provider, has shipped its science kits to our school in Shumargie with full lesson plans for the teachers on Friction and Aerodynamics; David’s well is under way; and we are working on launching a new school, solar panel and well project which we will tell you about in the coming

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Mad Science Ships Science Kits & Course Material to Shumargie School

The boxes are packed and delivery date set! We can hardly wait for Mad Science’s program, lesson materials, and science kits to arrive at our Shumargie school. Since forging our partnership with the world’s leading  fun science provider in December 2011, we have obtained the necessary approval  from the Head of the Gondar Educational Office in Ethiopia to introduce  the course materials and science kits. Mad Science’s programs are designed for  children ages 5-12 and focus on chemistry, physics, biology and the  environment. Their programs spark the imagination of children by engaging them  in hands-on activities which show that science is everywhere and accessible to all.  Mad Science developed two courses: “Introduction to Aerodynamics” teaches about gravity, weight and airflow. Students will even get to build  their own model “Skyhawk Plane” donated by Mad Science! In  “Introduction to Friction and Energy” students will learn about  friction and energy and how they are used to propel heavy objects. Students will build their very own model drag racer car, donated by Mad Science, where  they explore how a car’s wheels and axel help reduce friction and allow it to  move easily. A rubber band attached to a propeller provides energy to move it.  A huge thank you to Ariel Shlien and Sharon King  photographed above) and  the whole Mad Science team for their amazing support. They are role models in  the business community and for students in Shumargie!


Paul Newman’s Solar Panel Brings Light & Technology to  the Shumargie  Community 

Thanks to a grant from Paul Newman’s Foundation, our Shumargie school is  now able to turn on the lights. Through the generous support of ‘Newman’s  Own Foundation’ we  purchased a solar panel to place on top of the school  (see image of system above). The solar system installation was completed in  January.  In a country that boasts 13 months of sunshine, the  panel allows the entire community to use the building beyond daylight  hours. The new solar panel, currently provides energy for the  two classrooms at the school.  The energy harnessed by the panel is  currently being used to power light bulbs, cell phone chargers and the  school’s first laptop computer.  The students are enjoying their new found  understanding of electricity and power that is illustrated by the working of  the solar panel.  For the teachers, the solar panel means that they will  soon have access to greater technologies, including a radio, which will allow them to broadcast the government’s sponsored educational  program.  Clearly this project has created many new  opportunities for teaching and learning!


Laptop ‘Connects’ Shumargie Community 

With electricity in our Shumargie school, MS Windows was able to  fire up. Upon completion of our solar project, Kulam supplied Shumargie  with a laptop computer. JDC Professional, Orly Fruchter (pictured above  centre), delivered the computer in January while leading  a youth
group from Montreal to visit our school and well projects. This computer will  be used for teaching English, math and science.  The school will  officially begin using their laptop once they complete computer classes  provided by JDC Fellows based in nearby Gondar. They will also be receiving instructive CD-ROMs to enhance students’ education.   Hopefully  one day we will be able to communicate with the teachers and students via email  and skype!


Digging David’s Well has Begun

Thanks to the charitable spirit of Arlene and David Sternthal and their family  and friends, the rural community of Azaykaw Chebchibit, Kebele  Comfenta, Woreda Tikil Dengay will soon have safe drinking  water from a new well. The Village comprises 50 households and is located 23 km  from Gondar, Ethiopia on the main road and about another 8km off an additional side road.  David’s well is currently out for tender and digging will  begin shortly. The well is expected to be complete for early spring. The pictures above show the village and surrounding areas, along with the  village’s current water supply. Have you considered a Kulam project for your special occasion? Contact us to learn more about Kulam’s “Donate and Build  to Commemorate” program:


What Can You do for Kulam & What Can Kulam do for You?

In recent months we  have had numerous conversations with families and businesses wanting to undertake projects and volunteer on them. The spirit of Kulam is becoming  infectious! We’re ready to hear from you. If you are interested in our “Donate and  Build” program please contact us. Also, consider  making Kulam part of your charitable giving. Not sure what gifts to buy and for whom? Search no more - with a donation and personalized e-card  from Kulam. Click on the donate now section of our website  and show you care in true Kulam-style with “everybody, every person, everyone”.

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