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Solar Panel brings light and MS Windows to the Shumargie Community

Thanks to a grant from Paul Newman’s Foundation, our Shumargie school now is able to turn on the lights. Through the generous support of ‘Newman’s Own Foundation’ we  purchased a solar panel to place on top of the school.  In a country that boasts 13 months of sunshine, the panels  allow the entire community to use the building beyond daylight hours. The new solar panel, currently provides energy for the two classrooms at the school.  The energy harnessed by the panel is currently being used to power light bulbs and cell phone chargers and the school’s first laptop computer. The students are enjoying their new found understanding of electricity and power that is illustrated by the working of the solar panel.  Also, the teachers appreciate the solar panels as it means that they will soon have access to greater technologies such as a computer,as well as a radio, which will allow them to broadcast the government’s sponsored educational program.  The teachers and students at Shumargie school are very grateful for the solar panel as it has created many new opportunities for teaching and learning about technology and its uses.

With electricity in our Shumargie school, Windows was able to fire up. Upon completion of our Solar project Kulam supplied Shumargie with a lap top computer. Orly Fruchter, a JDC’s professional delivered the computer in January  to our school. This computer will serve to educate youth into the millennium. It will be used for teaching English, math and science.  The school will officially receive their laptop computer once they finish computer classes provided by JDC Fellows based in Gondar. They will also be receiving instructive CD-ROM’s to enhance students’ education.   Hopefully one day we will be able to communicate through the Internet and skype with our school was completed in January.





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