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Shumargie Community School Well Complete & Operating!

Kulam, JDC  and Ve-ahavta togther with the local water bureau completed digging the well at the Shmuargie School in late November 2011 ahead of schedule and on budget. The villagers were involved in the project from start to finish so as to ensure that they know how to operate and maintain the pumping equipment so that the well will continue to function for the benefit of local residents for years to come. The addition of a clean source of water is already having a great effect on the residents in the area and on students at our school. They can readily obtain clean water throughout the day. With the completion of the well , the school has begun teaching health education to the children in the schools and to the village residents, focusing on the importance of hand washing and clean water in preventing disease. One of the school teachers has said “Since the pump has been working, there has been an improvement in the health and beahviour of the students” The children will also receive regular doses of deworming medicine now that they have access to clean water and can be properly dewormed. Service Corp Volunteers have been visiting the school and community as part of our on going comittment to continuity in our projects.

shumargie school well

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