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Newsletter Novembre 2011

Benjamin, Julie and the entire Kulam team are thrilled to present the first “official” edition of Kulam’s e-newsletter. Over the past year, many of you have been following our low-tech e-mail blasts. We figured it was time for Kulam to join the digital era and take things to the next level. We’ve got lots of news to share this month from solar panels to light up the school and wells for clean drinking water to youth education and the launch of our very own website.  Enjoy the read!

Check Out our New Website
In keeping with our big leap into cyberspace, is live. Learn more about Kulam’s mission, our projects, partners and dedicated team, and be sure to stay on top of the latest Kulam news at

‘Newman’s Own Foundation’ Solar Panel Grant, Ethiopia
Thanks to a grant from Paul Newman’s Foundation, our Shumargie school will soon be able to turn on the lights. Through the generous support of ‘Newman’s Own Foundation’ we are purchasing solar panels to place on top of the school. In a country that boasts 13 months of sunshine, the panels will allow the entire community to use the building beyond daylight hours. We have also purchased a computer for the school and are currently investigating a satellite internet program which will provide the students with new learning opportunities and allow them to connect to the world. Stay tuned for updates from Shumargie!

Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Rwanda
Through the generosity of a Montreal family, the “Instrumental Enrichment Program” was funded at the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) – an inspiring project in Rwanda for youth orphaned as a result of its 1994 genocide. The program is aimed at teacher training, curriculum development and education. Of Rwanda’s total population of 10,000,000 over 2.8 million children are orphaned. Many are vulnerable and suffer today from the devastation left behind, with few opportunities to build a brighter future for themselves and their country. ASYV is designed to be a place of hope, where “tears are dried” (signified by the Kinyarwanda word agahozo) and where the aim is to live in peace (from Hebrew, shalom).

Digging David’s Well, Ethiopia
To celebrate David’s 65th birthday, Arlene and David Sternthal selected a unique present: the donation of a well for rural Ethiopians. In lieu of gifts from family and friends, the Sternthals requested donations for this special Kulam project. Thanks to their charitable spirit, a community in Ethiopia will soon have access to clean drinking water at ‘David’s Well’. Congratulations and happy birthday David!!

Have you considered a Kulam project for your special occasion? Contact us to learn more:

Donate Now to the Shumargie Well, Ethiopia
Clean drinking water saves lives and improves quality of life. We are currently raising the balance of funds necessary to give the green light on a well for the Shumargie community. This well will be located near Kulam’s Shumargie school. $5000 will provide for physical construction of the well, as well as community education that will make the well sustainable and bring about behavioral change in hygienic matters affecting children.

Visit to learn more about this project and how your involvement can help make a positive difference in an entire community.

Celebrate the Holidays with Kulam
We’re working on a handful of new projects for 2012. And we look forward to telling you about them soon. In the meantime, consider making Kulam part of your holiday routine. Not sure what gifts to buy and for whom? Search no more – make your holidays simple and meaningful with a donation and personalized e-card from Kulam. Click on the donate now section of our website and share your holidays in true Kulam-style with “everybody, every person, everyone”.

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